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  • About Audio Storytelling

    Listening to the experts in the first part you are told that school doesn’t really let a person tell a story as it is intended. They give you sentence structures that don’t actually work when writing a story. A story is to be told with suspense. In the way someone speaks in recordings or writing there is extra detail. This detail is to add to the suspense or yearning for what is to come. Even if the details may seem boring or irrelevant it is to aid in the reader or listener in the story’s purpose. In the second part,

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  • Summary 2

    I learned that design has different elements and several different parts to make an image or advertisement. What was harder than I thought would be was one of the daily creates because I didn’t understand it at first. What was easier was taking pictures of advertisements that I found. What drove me crazy was writing the blog posts for the design assignments because I was tired and it was getting tedious. What I did enjoy was one of the design assignments that let you redesign a book cover. I enjoyed t because that is one of my favorite series and

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  • Tee Shirt

    Looking for a DnD shirt that fully expresses that is all your personality is. Then here you have it. This shirt perfectly expresses that DnD is always on your mind but shows you can never find a group or have a normal schedule.

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About Me

Hi, My Name Is Catalina

I am currently a rising sophomore in college. This site has been created so I can put down my original novel ideas and for what I have already written. Currently I have posted on Wattpad before as another area of writing. I am in process of writing two separate novels. One is going to make a series and it is called Ballad of Elements which is a medieval fantasy. The other is a stand alone dystopian novel call the Wasteland Entries.

More about me is that I love wildlife and that my favorite animal is wolves. I also love learning about medieval weapons and ancient history. My favorite book series are Wolves of the Beyond, Throne of Glass(or just anything by Sarah J. Maas), and Lord of the Rings. I am also a reader of manga and my favorites are Fullmetal Alchemist, Pokemon Adventures, Yona of the Dawn, Naruto, and Promised Neverland.