15-Minute Photo Scavenger Hunt

15-Minute Photo Scavenger Hunt

When I started the 15 minutes I was just running around my house trying to find objects or anything that could be of use. When it came to finding something futuristic I had no idea what to do about it. I eventually just found my lightsaber and used that. One image was taken in my living room with me on my back under a glass table that had a fake plant on top. It eventually became one of my favorite photos taken then from how the plant made it seem like another world. For the prompt that said something that draws us into it I found a picture frame in my basement that gave the feeling of an old street with buildings. Overall this was really fun because I had to find the items to use. The time frame that I had made me hurry but also made me have to retake several photos because I was impatient. I do recommend doing this even as a competitive game against friends and see who ends up with better photos.

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