• Look, Listen, Analyze

    In the clip “Plagerizing Yoda” the camera uses a lot of screen centering around the characters. The clip goes through only four people, Young Anakin, Yoda, Mace Windo, and a newsman. Throughout the change in characters, the camera still keeps them centered on the screen. When just only listening to it I hear Young Anakin…

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  • Learn How to Read a Movie

    In Roger Ebert’s “How to Read a Movie” he provides an interesting insight into the art of film analysis and interpretation. Ebert emphasizes the importance of understanding the visual language of cinema and its ability to convey meaning and emotion. He explores various elements of filmmaking, such as composition, lighting, editing, and symbolism, revealing how…

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  • Introduction to Sound

    What I learned from this is how to overlay different sounds together to create a whole new sound. what was harder than I thought it would be was finding the sounds that would complement each other and putting that together. What was easier was the first blog post of this assignment. What drove me crazy…

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