• Listening to Stories

    I listened to a Moth podcast episode titled Pet Stars. This episode talks about a guy’s dog who was gaining more popularity than him. The man was a performer/actor and he signed up his dog to do a commercial. His dog got accepted to do it and soon enough his dog became more popular than…

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  • About Audio Storytelling

    Listening to the experts in the first part you are told that school doesn’t really let a person tell a story as it is intended. They give you sentence structures that don’t actually work when writing a story. A story is to be told with suspense. In the way someone speaks in recordings or writing…

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  • Summary 2

    I learned that design has different elements and several different parts to make an image or advertisement. What was harder than I thought would be was one of the daily creates because I didn’t understand it at first. What was easier was taking pictures of advertisements that I found. What drove me crazy was writing…

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