Color- The use of color in the Bogo buy one get one free sign is shown by the orange that fades into yellow. These are warm colors that are a symbol of impulsiveness and energy. What I think this advertisement is trying to do with these colors is to grab your attention and want to be impulsive on the deal and go for it.

Minimalism- Is shown in the Gap sign. It shows clearly what the place is and has a calming purple color making the empty area around the words feel full. The sign also fully showcases the company it is trying to show off.

Typography- The sign Bubble Tea is Life shows how typography affects how an ad or sign can look. When looking at this font it gives you that bubble feeling and gives the sign a feel of what it is trying to advertise.

Metaphors/Symbols- The advertisement for the lollipops gives a metaphor for how people prefer the original. Some people call lollipops suckers so it’s a play of that.



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