Dog Haircut

My dog is a poodle mix. So, her fur gets long all on its own. Now comes the dreaded day as she puts it if my dog could talk. A haircut. Her being left alone for a few hours is terrible to her. Not to mention they are taking away her fluff. In the end, she will be able to see properly and feel so much cooler, but for now, she will not let us go. She knows what is coming and she hates it. The only way we can get her into the car is by calling out ‘want to go for a ride.’ Now she won’t sit still and is excited. However, when we get to the building she is mad. Whoever takes her to get a haircut she is mad at that person for the rest of the day. Later when we come to retrieve her she is excited but mostly ignores the person who brought her in the first place. Now her fluff is traded for smooth sleek fur. Her experience with every dreaded haircut.



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