Learn How to Read a Movie

Learn How to Read a Movie

In Roger Ebert’s “How to Read a Movie” he provides an interesting insight into the art of film analysis and interpretation. Ebert emphasizes the importance of understanding the visual language of cinema and its ability to convey meaning and emotion. He explores various elements of filmmaking, such as composition, lighting, editing, and symbolism, revealing how they contribute to a film’s overall storytelling and message. Ebert encourages the readers to engage actively with movies, dissecting their components and recognizing the director’s intentions, ultimately empowering them to appreciate and critique films on a deeper level. He uses the idea of pausing and analyzing a scene to fully understand what the director was trying to portray. In the three videos, I needed to watch different techniques used in film. One discussed how to use the underneath perspective when filming. That the angle is useful with car trunks, walking, and some suspense in dialogue. The second showed the center screen technique where there is a focal point in the center.


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